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Apology January 16, 2012

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An Open letter to my adult kids, and my wife:


to John, Tom, Kevin, Kathy, Anne
This note is an apology for something I should have known about, and told you about, long ago.

Having grown up in cold, windy Chicago, and lived in the north most of my life, I should have tried out a time-proven method for keeping warm long ago.  But my family was more into roughing it (for some reason…), and we never had one. Nor did the extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. We saw them on TV shows, in comedies, but no one I knew ever actually had an electric blanket.   It actually sounded like a death machine, like an electric chair.  That’s probably why Sunbeam Corporation, who makes them and Wal-mart, who sells them, now refer to them as “warming blankets.”
I know this because I bought a queen sized one three days ago for use in the trailer.
It’s very light weight cloth, and it covers the bed.  It has a dual thermostat (because it is large, it gives two people individual control of each side of the bed).  (Not too important for Lacy, of course.)  It puts out a lot of heat, but not enough to trip the circuit breaker which is also running a 1300 watt baseboard heater.  I got into bed the first night, got under the electric blanket, and turned it on, and it immediately started warming up.  Then I pulled Lacy into bed, under the electric blanket.  She is normally antsy in bed, moving all over, constant motion.  But once she felt the heat, it felt so good, she stopped moving, as if she was worried that it might shut off if she moved too much. She actually fell asleep in that position, tummy to the  mattress, all four feet on the bed.  She would wake up occasionally, and lick my hands all over (her way of saying thank you), and go back to sleep.
The trailer is warm, but I’m now working under a new definition of that word!
I luxuriated in the heat, like a cat.  It is the first time this winter that both legs, and both FEET, were warm at the same time.  I had to go outside at 3:00 am this morning to replace the two empty propane tanks with two full ones – snow everywhere, whipping cold wind, and me in my jacket. It went smoothly, and I really appreciated the electric blanket when I crawled back into bed!
So, here’s the apology: I am sorry that I didn’t find out about this when you were little kids, and I could have equipped every bed with one.  But, just think of it as pleasure postponed.  You can get one now, and find out how great they are!  Even our brethren in Florida, where a stuck air conditioning control can mimic Indiana winter weather.  Or when you get caught in a sudden cold downpour on a Florida beach and you, too, have to warm up those feet and legs.
So now I have something to tell people when they ask, “So what did you do in Indiana last winter?”
– -Greg / Dad


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