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Low-Speed Train Collision in Chicago June 4, 2011

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From WGNTV.com:

“Investigators are looking into whether a switching error led to a low-speed collision between a Metra train and an Amtrak train at Union Station that injured at least 12 people, none of them seriously, officials said.

“One railroad source said both trains were moving when at least two cars of the Burlington Northern express from Aurora struck the Amtrak train bound for Carbondale around 8:30 a.m. The source said the investigation will focus on possible errors related to the switching of the trains. The collision occurred at the south end of the station, where there are many track switches in the yard, the source said.”

I went to high school in Aurora, and for school holidays I rode the Burlington Northern into Union Station in Chicago. The last time I rode it was 46 years ago. In fact, we graduated that number of years ago this week. Well, if 46 years is the best they can do for not having a collision, it will be another 46 years before I ride the train from Aurora to Chicago!

The trains were each going about 5 miles per hour.




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