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Busy Day May 20, 2011

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I had a busy day, yesterday. Thursday 5/19/11.

I got up early and drove to Tampa Airport for an 8:00 am flight to Newark Airport. There, I rented a car with GPS, and drove to Suffern NY through downtown Newark NJ. Boy, I do NOT miss living in New Jersey anymore!

In Suffern, I found my potential client very quickly thanks to the GPS. I lived in northern NJ for 18 years, but nothing beats the GPS for getting somewhere on time, with no mistakes! I was actually early for my appointment.

The interview went very well. It included a tour of their manufacturing areas – very modern and very expensive. Then, I reprogrammed the GPS and drove back to Newark Airport. I got some great views of Manhattan on the New Jersey Turnpike. I wasn’t far from Waterbury CT where, up until last week, I had a very good blog correspondent friend. We might have met, but she dropped me as a Disposable Friend last week. So, why bother?

Lacy the doggie made some new BFF’s at a very nice vet hospital and boarding place we found at home in Bradenton, FL, so we will be using them in the future. She came home early Friday tired (from all of the socializing with other dogs), hoarse (from all of the barking with other dogs) and she kept looking back over her shoulder as we left (in hopes some of her friends were coming with us!).

I got home at midnight last night, so it’s snooze time now for both of us.




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