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Progress Comes In Chunks April 20, 2011

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

I got up early today.

I have applied to several companies in my engineering consultant mode, but answers are not forthcoming. This is Change We Can Believe In? We can send in more and more resumes; Yes We Can!

The First Lady’s plane couldn’t land on time last night, because the air controller put her plane (Executive 2 Foxtrot) too close behind an Air Force C-17 at Bolling AFB, so the news said they “aborted” the landing. Should be okay; she and Barrack both favor abortion.

So, to hurry the process at the hiring companies (New Jersey, Ohio, California) at 6:30am I planted six tomato plants. New soil containing Miracle-Gro; tamp it down; put in tomato stakes and tie the plants up; sprinkle 28-8-16 fertilizer; water liberally. It’s now 10:30 am, but no tomatoes yet. Bummer.

I also mixed up some fresh fiberglas, and I repaired two crushed dent holes in the front of Big Easy (the trailer). Under certain conditions, the front of the trailer would crush itself against the mandatory tool and gear box pickup trucks apparently must have in their truck bed, up against the cab, to get registered in North Carolina. (I drew the line at the gun rack, though.)

So, I disposed of the tool/gear box in Cody, WY ($45 they gave me at recycling for the aluminum), and fixed the holes today.

(My trailer was not quite this bad…)

I’m going to go check the tomaters again. Anyway, I’m supposed to hear about a new job today. Planting tomatoes today should guarantee that I will have to drive out for New Jersey tomorrow, leaving them here. That’s Murphy’s law.




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