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Milking It March 25, 2011

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U.S. Africa Command’s General Carter Ham said he’s confident the command of the Libyan war can be handed over “relatively quickly” but “there are frankly some mechanical and procedural pieces — particularly with regard to the air operations — which are very, very complex” that may take a longer while to transition.

This is called “milking it” – extending a new mission for no good reason other than to look like a hero when you beat the longer schedule early. The General thinks it helps cover the fact that the General just doesn’t understand, in this case, what “air operations” are all about.

There is a way to expedite the turnover. Instead of a bunch of video conferences, flash radio traffic and shuttling generals out and back, just conduct one or two unscheduled, expedited retirement ceremonies. That way, people believe it when we say “Quickly, gents.” It’s not all that complex, and the transition to a new commander is remarkably efficient and fast.




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