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Kind Of Hard To Get One That Fits January 18, 2011

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Former VP Dick Cheney has heart problems, which we have all heard about.

“I’ll have to make a decision at some point whether or not I want to go for a transplant,” he told NBC News. “But we haven’t addressed that yet.”

“Cheney, who turns 70 later this month, has had five heart attacks, the latest in February 2010.

“The former vice president, who served under President George W. Bush, told NBC that he has adapted to the heart pump and its accessories, which include a vest that holds the pump control, two batteries and a power cord that runs to the mechanism inside his chest.”

Lots of hardware. It seems like the decision would be an easy one. But, there’s a complication in Cheney’s case. Not just any heart will fit in place of his because, like the Grinch, he has a heart “that’s two sizes too small.”



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