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Holly Graf Update December 5, 2010

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Panel: Graf should get general discharge
By David Larter – Staff writer, Navy Times Posted : Saturday Dec 4, 2010 18:14:57 EST

A panel of three flag officers (Admirals) announced their recommendation on Friday that Capt. Holly Graf should get a General Discharge from the Navy.

Graf was impassive as she listened to the findings of the board of inquiry at the Washington Navy Yard. By a vote of 2-1, the board found she had committed misconduct; by unanimous vote, it found she had committed conduct unbecoming of an officer for the maltreatment and cruelty toward her crew as commanding officer of the Yokosuka-based cruiser USS Cowpens.

Yes, she really is only that tall.

The panel unanimously voted to recommend she be separated from the Navy with a general discharge and be allowed to retire as a captain for completing honorable service “for a period of no less than six months” at that rank.

Adm. Mark Buzby read the findings after the board had deliberated most of the day. The findings will be forwarded to Navy Personnel Command; they will not be final unless approved by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

The findings followed three days of testimony that painted Graf as a complicated commanding officer who was at once a competent, proven wartime commander and one who consistently alienated, belittled and berated those under her command.

Graf was fired as Cowpens’ CO in January following an inspector general investigation into cruelty toward her crew.

My two cents: One cannot be a “competent, proven wartime commander” if one consistently “alienates, belittles and berates those under her command”. What are you people smoking?! She deserved to be fired and she deserved to get a general discharge, not an honorable one. What she did NOT deserve is retirement in the grade of Captain.

Let her go write her book now: I need another non-mea-culpa, poorly written book to hold up the other end of a shelf.




1. gregquill - December 8, 2010

Admiral. General. I guess it balances out. -Greg

2. Seaman Stain - December 30, 2010

if she moves to my town I’ll spit on her

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