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Leave Me Out, Please November 19, 2010

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

The lawyer for the House Ethics Committee (oxymoron though that is) said that censure of Rep. Charlie Rangel, Harlem, the most severe punishment short of expulsion from the House, is appropriate. The panel had weighed whether to recommend censure or a reprimand, a less severe penalty. Both censure and reprimand are symbolic: publicly shaming the offending lawmaker on the House floor. Neither carries legal repercussions.

So without legal repercussions, they are inadequate. Lying, cheating, stealing and ignoring tax laws deserves expulsion from the House and significant prison time. Letting Rangel off with a pat on the wrist is itself unethical.

Why don’t these people acknowledge that?

I’ll tell you why: Because they are each as corrupt, as dishonest, and as unethical as Charlie Rangel is!

And who do they claim to be entertaining here? Yes, entertaining. Surely they know that we realize that they aren’t SERVING anyone.

Why, us of course! You and me.




1. Bob - November 19, 2010

Just try and not pay taxes since the early 90’s and see what happens. The IRS would have confiscated every asset you own. In Rangel’s case, they are “thinking about recommending he pay his back taxes”. Oh please, spare me.

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