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Bits and Pieces November 4, 2010

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In 2005, I worked on a contract in Greenville, NC, for the American branch of the Dutch pharmaceutical corporation, DSM. A quick job in a sleepy little southern town. This weekend, my alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy, will play football against East Carolina University in their home town, Greenville, NC. The university will broadcast the game to me for “only” $9.95. Looks like some savvy Northerners got in there recently and taught the good ol’ boys how to make a buck.

New subject: I received one email and sent another today using Microsoft Outlook. In each case, Outlook screwed up the attachments. I think it was more accurately labeled under Microsoft’s original name: “Look Out”.

Some good things are happening here: moving on to a new assignment; IRA funds withdrawal due today; and my Navy son and his family are moving in to their new home in Virginia today, having flown out of Hawaii last Monday! I intend to drop in on them soon. The nice thing about the trailer: they don’t need to worry about where to put me!

POST SCRIPT: Navy beat ECU 76-35. That is embarrassing to me. I am inclined to apologize for this lack of sportsmanship. When the outcome is projected to be that one sided, honorable coaches put in the second or third string, both to gain experience and to allow the losers to save face. We apparently have no honorable coaches, and we have trained a Navy football squad to be merciless. I’m sorry.




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