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Why Am I Not Surprised? September 10, 2010

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

We are now told that Rev Terry Jones, the preacher from Florida who has postponed, not cancelled, his plans to burn the Koran graduated from high school in Missouri with another fellow who is also known as a radical: Rush Limbaugh.

I think that the principal of Cape Girardeau High School in 1969 owes us an explanation. And an apology.

Here’s what a blogger, a retired newspaperman, from the high school has to say:

“Rush Limbaugh USED to be Cape Girardeau’s most prominent export. One of his classmates from the Central High School Class of 1969 is dominating the news right now: Terry Jones, the Gainesville, FL, preacher who is threatening to hold an “International Burn a Koran Day” on September 11.”

Click here to view the web site and read the class discussion.




1. ksteinhoff - September 10, 2010

Just for the record, it’s not the school’s official web site.

I’m the blogger, a retired newspaperman, who is just getting around to digitizing nearly half a century of photos from the places I’ve worked, starting with my coming of age in Cape Girardeau.

Many of the comments DO come from fellow Girardeans.

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