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New Jersey School District Drops the D’s July 28, 2010

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This article is from NBCPhiladelphia.com. What grade would you give the author, and her editors?


by Karen Araiza
updated 7/27/2010 12:17:37 PM ET

Students in one New Jersey school district may have to hit the books a little harder to get a passing grade. In Mount Olive, you won’t see any more Ds [missing apostrophe] on report card [missing plural s] starting this fall, [comma is not a semi colon] only A, B, C and F.

“I’m tired of kids coming to school and not learning and getting credit for it,” said Superintendent Larrie Reynolds in a Daily Record report.
During Monday night’s meeting, the Morris County School Board approved dropping the D grade.

“We intend to be the beacon of excellence in Morris County, and to do that, we have to fix it,” Reynolds said. [Fix what? The beacon?]

Now, anything mark [missing ed on marked] under a 70 will be a failing score. The new policy will apply to middle and high school students.
I applaud your effort to raise the bar,” [missing opening quotation marks] resident Scott Ireland told Reynolds. “I disagree 100 percent with your philosophy.”

The “drop the D” philosophy worked so well for a school in Kentucky, they [it -the school] ended up dropping the C grade too. Now students in 5th grade and higher get an A, B or F.

In todays world, youve [missing apostrophe in today’s, and in you’ve] either got it, or you dont [consistently missed another apostrophe], Kentucky principal Steve Frommeyer said. Theres [missed a fourth one] no opportunity to just be OK.


I guess we should be thankful that the reporter and her editors are not school teachers.




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