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Cody, Wyoming July 16, 2010

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We have arrived in Cody, WY, for my next contract with a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

I parked in Walmart’s parking lot for four nights until I could find a suitable RV campground. Since Cody’s #1 industry is tourism, all of the nearby camps are high priced, and short term. I found a good one in Meeteetse, WY (that’s Shoshone for Chief’s Meeting Place), about 30 miles away, and we moved in last Monday night. The drive to and from work has spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Tetons, so the time goes quickly.

I had to replace the truck’s starter motor on the day of the move – very expensive, and they had to go to Billings, Montana to get it. (That’s 100 miles north of us.) But we got it fixed in one day.

I’ve spent some time and effort setting this camp up properly. I rushed the last two setups for my contracts in Ohio and in Illinois, and it isn’t worth it. I will continue today (Friday) through Sunday; I start work Monday. But yesterday, Lacy the dog and I took the day off to explore a little bit of Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone is fifty miles west of Cody. It is known for all of the hot springs, geysers and bubbling pools of foul smelling sulphur and other natural chemicals. It is also very beautiful, with mountains, lakes, bison buffalo (I never know what to call them anymore), grizzly bears, goats and hundreds of others. I am now old enough for the Senior Pass. Instead of paying $50 for five days (as I did in Glacier National Park some years ago), my new pass cost $10 and is good for the rest of my life. At all national parks and anywhere the National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management or Bureau of Reclamation charge an entrance fee or a users fee. I trust it doesn’t have a hidden expiration date which, by implication, would then become MY expiration date. (Gotta watch these Feds.)

Here is a picture of Sylvan Lake, near Sylvan Pass at 8800 feet altitude.

This picture of Sylvan Lake in 1916 shows how well the National Park Service has preserved the park for future generations. Today, the road is paved.

For now, back to work – in a beautiful setting!

(P.S. A lot of signs here say “No Littering – $750 Fine”. I’m going to add a note to them that says, “Since This Is God’s Country, Expect A Substantial Surcharge… Later.”)




1. Steve Connolly - July 16, 2010

Wow, what a great place to spend some time! I hope you get to enjoy it. I’ve yet to get my wife out west for any real length of time. I hope Wyoming is kind to you when the winter weather sets in. Enjoy your time there!

– Steve

2. Carol - July 16, 2010

What a great setting for Lacy and you! I spent the summer of 1967 in Jackson Hole. Five of us from college found waitress/housekeeping jobs and many adventures. I remember the Cowboy and Silver Dollar bars, the daily show in the town square, and much beautiful scenery. Good luck with the new job too.

3. gregquill - July 16, 2010


I remember envying the college kids who worked summers at the Many Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park during the summers. My Mom and Dad took us there on summer vacations, since Mom was born in Montana and Dad thought that was neat. Now, I envy you! I don’t think they made much money, but room and board and adventures, as you say, are priceless.


4. gregquill - July 16, 2010


Wyoming has some bad spells (39 below last winter, I heard) but the overall data shows it has warmer winters and cooler summers than Illinois. If I have to, I’ll drain the trailer fluids and move Lacy and me into a motel for the bad weeks.


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