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Maybe Like James Joyce? June 8, 2010

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

James Joyce wrote parts of “Ulysses” in a stream-of-consciousness, without punctuation or pauses and just running all together to get the sense of the story out. This has been one of those weeks, so here goes.

After finishing my contract in Rockford IL I spent a few weeks and landed a new job near Cleveland Ohio with a pharmaceutical maker and I started work a week ago yesterday after driving the truck the trailer and doggie and me from there to here and I watched a safety video and then went to the mens room where I saw the brightest red blood left in the toilet I had ever seen so without much ado I left and drove 3 miles away to University Hospital where they admitted me and purged my innards so that the colonoscopy on Wednesday would show them the source but it didn’t and after multiple trips to the toilet overnight I said I’ve lost a lot of blood and the doc agreed so they transfused four pints into me (not the good stuff from Vienna Austria home of genius scientists but the discount stuff from Washington DC so I only want to lie around and dream of welfare) and I had to make special expensive arrangements with a locksmith and a doggie kennel owner to open the trailer and to pick up my special lab friend Lacy after 36 hours alone and scared and unfed and she didn’t have a HINT of a bathroom accident in the lonely trailer and she went berserk happy when I picked her up at the kennel on Friday after five docs and about 14 very nice RN’s all decided they didn’t know what caused my problem but it’s Friday about 4:30 pm so you can go now.

I started work again at the new client yesterday (Monday), and I like it, and so far no more bleeding. I’m eating soft food, and they want me to see another doctor this week. It’s their little way to spur THEIR economy.




1. Bob - June 8, 2010

holy doo doo Batman. It is obvious you are no longer the perfect a–hole everyone thinks you are! :^) Just kidding shipmate. I hope to hell they determine what was wrong. Anal bleeding is nothing to fart around with, so to speak.

2. Anita - June 8, 2010

Geez! That was very disturbing news – now I’m all upset for my dear friend! Poor Lacey-Girl! She is a super-trooper for sure. You are always so thoughtful of her needs and take such exceptional care of her, even when you are in the hospital. Now that is devotion! As always, in our thoughts and prayers. Gotta love those hospitals –all those tests, and no answers. Great stuff…

James Joyce is one of my favorite authors. Enjoyed your stream-of-consciousness explanation 🙂

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