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The Last Resort May 27, 2010

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Total frustration at the failure of a Kodak printer to print under Vista, and the complete failure of Kodak tech support in India to help, led a good, peace loving friend to this last resort.

Plus she had to move the car out of the garage to carry out the sentence.

As Paul Harvey used to say, here is the REST of the story: “The story is that I purchased a Kodak ESP-3 All-In-One Printer to replace my aging HP printer that did not communicate with Vista. Well, I found out that the Kodak printer did not talk to Vista either. In addition, the paper continously jammed, it would suck in entire stacks of paper, if it ran out of paper or jammed it would lose its memory requiring you to reprint the document, it was necessary to babysit the printer to actually print because you had to pull each sheet out as it finished so it would not pull in the freshly printed sheet, it would not tell you it was low on ink, it would not allow you to print if one cartidge was out of ink and the other was full.

“So in light of these issues, I called Kodak to register a formal complaint. HAH! What a joke! The first person I talked to could not help me and transfered me to a “specialist” for my type of printer. When I finally got a hold of her, I couldn’t even hear her. Oh and of course, the help desk was tranferred to India so you really couldn’t understand them either.

“I ended up pulling my HP out of storage and I smashed the damn Kodak. Best thing that ever happened with the piece of junk.

“Anyway, just thought I would share.”




1. sex filmy - December 27, 2010

Just now you can branch out from your daily understanding. The real truth comes with being honest with yourself and your goals. This will lead to a sad and unfulfilling life.

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