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Denny Blair is a Nice Guy May 24, 2010

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Yep. We went to the same college, a year apart, and he was a very smart, very nice guy.

Too nice to be Director of National Intelligence. Politically attuned, fer sure: he made Admiral with four stripes.

DNI is an unfortunate title. America’s “national intelligence” focuses on things like MTV, Twitters and SNL. When you pronounce the acronym as a word, it comes out as “deny”.

The title should be something like “Koordinator Into Lessening Liars on Earth, Really”, or KILLER. Time for some serious shawk ‘n awesomeness.

The first time Leon Panetta (what did he do during Clinton’s impeachment, really, that could be confused with loyalty? He left the White House right before it hit!) crossed Dennis, he should have been fired. He became DCI with zero intelligence experience. Even Diane Feinstein – “Not-Too-Quick Diane” – questioned that (before voting to confirm him…). Contradict Dennis’s memo? At dawn, without a blindfold. Call it “plausible fireability”. There’s ample precedent: the Navy, after all, has given us the phrase, “The Admiral lost confidence in his ability… (to command, to stick to a diet, to prepare an accurate expense report, to protect us from al Qaeda… pick one).”

Then, when the underpants bomber idiot (UBI) sort of struck on Christmas day, execute the rule of six: fire six intelligence dudes, comprised of two CIA liars, a DIA liar, an ONI dude, an INSCOM dude, and an ISR dude from the Air Force. Their defense: “I didn’t have anything to do with the UBI” is what seals their fate: they SHOULD HAVE had something to do with him! Or un-do with him.

Establish a pattern: intell screw up, rule of six. Pretty soon, people begin to respond, and budgets become more reasonable, and you don’t have to send out so many Christmas cards. And the DNI (or the KILLER) becomes respected and feared.

Congressman or Senator gets too feisty? Surely the DNI has ways to handle THAT.

Oh, and never put someone into such a job named “Dennis”. Too folksy, too grandchild – like. If he insists on retaining the name, add a new first name: T. Dennis Blair. T for Torquemada.

Instead, his claim to fame will be water skiing behind a destroyer. “Right ON, dude!”




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