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Disappointment March 22, 2010

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Just wait until these little kids hear what he did to them on health care.

Obama Made Kindergarteners Cry?
Posted By Vicki McClure Davidson on May 22, 2009
By Vicki McClure Davidson * Frugal Café Blog Zone

Pres. Obama bumps kindergartners’ White House field trip for Pittsburgh Steelers lunch
Obama made young children cry? Yes, it’s true.

Sobbing Kindergarteners Snubbed for Steelers?

NBC Washington News | By Anne Reynolds
May 22, 2009
Kids locked out of White House; officials say they were too late

Thursday was supposed to be the highlight of the year for more than 100 kindergarteners from Stafford County, Va. They got up early and took a chartered bus to the White House for a school field trip. But when they arrived, all the 5-year-olds got was a lesson in disappointment.

The buses from Conway Elementary arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a little later than planned, and they were locked out. “We were going to the White House, but we couldn’t get in so I felt sad,” 5-year-old Cameron Stine said.

Parents say they were just 10 minutes late for their scheduled tour. School officials say White House staff said they needed to get ready for the president’s event with the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, so they couldn’t come in.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Breaks my heart…

One of the 100 kindergarteners who was snubbed by Obama… hope that Pittsburgh Steelers lunch was worth it. And why weren’t the children, parents, and teachers invited to join in and meet the millionaire football players for just a few minutes? A royal PR disaster… something these kids will remember forever.




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