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It’s Christmas in Hawaii December 10, 2009

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Sometimes grandfathers (and fathers in law) are able to make things a little better.

I started a little tradition last year at Christmas time. I figured my Irish daughter-in-law missed home in Mulhuddart, a suburb northwest of Dublin, particularly at the holidays. My son, her husband, is in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii. A paradise most times, but cruelly remote during family holidays, as I know so well. So I sent them a special present last year: a do-it-yourself box of a traditional Irish breakfast.

The Irish know how to make Guiness, and how to make a breakfast! Here is what was in the box:

Mc Namees Brown Bread 14.1oz
Barrys Tea Gold 40 Bags
Batchelors Baked Beans 420g (14.8oz)
Donnellys Irish Style Sausages 16/1lb
Donnellys Irish Style Rashers .5lb (Thickly sliced bacon)
Donnellys Black Pudding 8oz
Donnellys White Pudding 8oz
Kerrygold Irish Butter Block 8oz

I thought that the smell of all that food cooking in her kitchen would certainly take her back, and it did. Tearfully!

So I just sent them another breakfast for this Christmas, and it arrived yesterday. Since it’s perishable, the shipping from New York to Hawaii costs more than the food. But I think it is worth it.

Last year, I discouraged them from trying to cook it on Christmas morning, since that is a time of wonderful chaos for my two grandchildren. Have it the day before, I said, and they did. She told me it took up most of the morning. All they had to provide was the eggs, and the appetite, and apparently they had plenty of both! My son tucks right in, I’m told.

This year I added a surprise: Cadbury’s Winter Wonderland Selection Box. Chocolate for breakfast? Sure: it’s Christmas in Hawaii!




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