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A Mystery Shrouded in an Enigma Hidden in a Puzzle November 28, 2009

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So Tiger Woods did or did not smash his 2009 Cadillac SUV first into a fire hydrant, then into a neighbors tree, at 2:30 am in front of his house in a gated, expensive community in Orlando.

So his wife did or did not come outside, see him in distress, and smash the rear window with a golf club to get him out. Or, smash AT him THROUGH the window(s) to get him.

So a burning SUV was or was not involved.

So there was or was not a domestic argument in progress.

So the Florida highway patrol (they have highways to patrol in gated communities?) did or did not stop by earlier to see Tiger,but agreed to come back later, and then the accident allegedly happened.

So Woods was or was not lying in the street, bleeding or not from the mouth, when the cops screeched up. And there was not any blood inside the SUV.

So Tiger was or was not admitted to the hospital in serious condition.

So? So what?

Let’s get to the important stuff: what club did his wife select, and is the darn thing bent?!


These may be the first pictures of Tiger Woods and his low speed chase away from the cops. (We know that his SUV doesn’t go very fast, because no airbags popped and there was only minor, wife-in-a-rage induced damage after the crash. Looks like he followed O.J.’s Bronco method for eluding the cops, and skipping three (3) meetings with them. )




1. gregquill - November 28, 2009

Now, penetrating reporting from golf.com:

And what about the rumors? A National Enquirer story leaked two days before the accident linked Woods to a New York hostess and reported that she was in Melbourne with him (and allegedly staying at the same hotel) while he played in the Australian Masters two weeks ago. The Associated Press took the claim seriously enough to contact the woman, Rachel Uchitel, who strenuously denied that she has been having an affair with Woods.

It’s this salacious side story that has fuelled much of the coverage. At least one major entertainment website claims Elin Woods gave different versions of the accident to the Windemere Police and the Florida Highway Patrol. In a second version, told to FHP officers, the website cites an anonymous police source claiming that Elin caused Tiger’s facial injuries during an argument (apparently about the alleged affair) and that she chased him with the golf club as he attempted to drive away, striking the vehicle with the club and distracting her husband seconds before the crash. The website also reported that there was no trace of blood on the steering wheel or dashboard, suggesting that Woods did not suffer his injuries in the collision.

Read more: http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/article/0,28136,1943293,00.html

2. gregquill - December 4, 2009

Your Mom is very wise. Knowing you, I see where she gets it… !

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