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Memories November 23, 2009

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I was talking with a friend about our experiences in war recently. Vietnam was ours. That was a different war from the wars today. Back then, the enemy tried to kill us during our six month deployment, and then the rads (radical hippy flower power anti-warnicks) tried to kill us (or at least spit on us) as we got off the plane.

Reminds me of the scene in “Back to School”, 1986, the movie with Rodney Dangerfield and Sam Kinison, where Kinison is the whacked out former soldier and Dangerfield the student.

Kinison reminisces about Vietnam, (after a female student answered correctly why America pulled out of Vietnam):

“Professor Terguson: Is she right? ‘Cause I know that’s the *popular* version of what went on there. And a lot of people like to believe that. I wish I could, but I was *there*. I wasn’t here in a class room, hoping I was right, thinking about it. [shouting] I was up to my knees in rice paddies, with guns that didn’t work! Going in there, looking for Charlie, slugging it out with him; while [shouts] pussies like you were back here partying, putting headbands on, doing drugs, and [shouts] listening to the goddamn Beatle albums! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Thornton Melon: Hey Professor, take it easy. These kids were in grade school at the time, and as for me… I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover.
Professor Terguson: You remember that thing we had about 30 years ago called the Korean conflict? And how we failed to achieve victory? How come we didn’t cross the 38th parallel and push those rice-eaters back to the Great Wall of China? [rips a desk apart] Then take the fucking wall apart [shouts] brick by brick and nuke them back into the fucking stone age forever? Tell me why! How come? Say it! Say it!
Thornton Melon: [incensed] All right. I’ll say it. ‘Cause Truman was too much of a *pussy wimp* to let MacArthur go in there [shouts] and blow out those Commie bastards!
Professor Terguson: Good answer. Good answer. I like the way you think. I’m gonna be watching you.
Thornton Melon: [chuckling to his classmates] Good teacher. He really seems to care. About what I have no idea.




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