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Controversial WJLA Breast Exam Video October 31, 2009

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WJLA, an ABC news affiliate in Washington, DC, has put together a four part series showing women how to do a self breast exam for cancer. The women do the exams on themselves, and they are not wearing a shirt or a bra, which I understand are not to be worn during a self breast examination. So the people watching the video will see how it’s done.

Don’t bother going to WJLA or ABC’s web sites to see the video; they talk about it, but the prudes won’t show it. Neither will You Tube. One You Tube video refers us to a different web site, but that one is just trying to get money and they don’t show it, either.

I think that some ayatollahs and mullahs have taken over our airwaves, and are preventing people from seeing something that can SAVE THEIR LIVES. Tell me this puritanical approach is not Sharia law all over again. One gal said, “They shouldn’t show it; you don’t know how many young children may see it.” What a dunce! Young children who have NOT seen a breast are to be pitied.

When I was growing up, women outnumbered men in the U.S. Now, read this from the 2000 census: “The female population exceeded the male population at older ages, but the reverse was true at younger ages. Women aged 85 and over outnumbered men about 2.5 to 1 (3.0 million compared with 1.2 million). In contrast, the population under 18 consisted of 37.0 million males and 35.1 million females.”

So, the prudes are winning: they are killing off the women by these stupid, stupid policies of protecting us from seeing breasts to learn how to find cancer, while the women die.




1. gregquill - November 1, 2009

Isn’t that the truth? Adolescent boys think a woman’s breast is a sex organ. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t mature in that mindset. And it’s costing us our better half.

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