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Interesting History October 1, 2009

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I was watching an old episode of a TV show, and a reference was made to Francisco Pizarro, and one person said, “Well, if you’re gonna throw the Swiss into it.” That didn’t sound right, so I looked him up on Wikipedia:

Frank Pizarro

“Francisco Pizarro González, 1st Marqués de los Atabillos (c. 1471 or 1476 – 26 June 1541) was a Spanish conquistador, conqueror of the Incan Empire and founder of Lima, the modern-day capital of Peru. Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Extremadura, modern Spain. Sources differ in the birth year they assign to him: 1471, 1475–1478, or unknown. He was an illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro Rodríguez de Aguilar (senior) (1446-1522) who as colonel of infantry served in the Italian campaigns under Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, and in Navarre, with some distinction. His mother was Francisca González Mateos, a woman of slender means from Trujillo, daughter of Juan Mateos, of the family called Los Roperos, and wife María Alonso, labradores pecheros from Trujillo. His mother married late in life and had a son Francisco Martín de Alcántara, married to Inés Muñoz, who from the beginning was at the Conquest of Perú, where he then lived, always at his brother’s side, who held him always as one of his most trusted men.[1] Through his father, Francisco was second cousin to Hernán Cortés, the famed conquistador of Mexico.”

Then it occured to me how lucky Pizarro was that he stumbled on Peru for his conquering thing, and that the native Incas whom he would slaughter already happened to speak Spanish.

And Cortes, too, stumbled upon Spanish speaking Mexico, where he could do his conquistador stunt. A few miles north, and he would have been in south central LA not knowing how to speak with the Bloods.




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