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Never Too Old To Learn August 8, 2009

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The lower storage areas of my trailer – the Basement, they say – is limited in space. I have dedicated part of it to secure storage of the two generators, and their gas supply. Now that I’m “boondocking” – staying in free places for RV’s – I need to use the generators more to run the computer, the freezer, and now some fans (AC is just too expensive unless it’s over 80 at night).

When I first got the RV, I loaded in the plastic gas “cans” from my garage: two five gallons, and two two-gallons. The five gallons were a mistake to buy: they are too heavy when full, and too heavy to pour accurately. The other day, I saw that one is very dirty inside, so, since it has no gas fumes anymore, I threw it out. One two gallon can had half a gallon of old gas, but the other two gallon and the other five gallon were full, of old gas.

I think this gas is five years old. So, I decided to find a place to dispose of it and get some fresh stuff. I don’t have room to keep carting around useless gas, and it’s dangerous, toxic, combustible and flammable – the most dangerous thing we have in the house.

A web page from the State of Ohio said that while old gas gets dirty, it doesn’t lose the properties we bought it for. It said, (1) filter the gas through two coffee filters. (2) If you suspect water contamination, pour it into a jar and let it settle. If water accumulates in the bottom, pour off the gas and dump the water into a box of kitty liter. When the kitty litter dries, throw it into the trash. (3) Mix the filtered gas (1 part) with fresh gas (5 or 6 parts). That’s about 43 ounces of filtered gas in the bottom of a 2 gallon gas can. Then fill the gas can with fresh gas. Of course, do all of the above outside.

And it works! I ran on a full gallon tank of reconditioned gas this morning using the computer and cooling down the ‘frig and the freezer (1/2 size drop in). Now, I am on a second gallon of mixed gas, and no hiccups so far!

Of course, the sight of me surrounded with several red gas containers in a RV park, measuring gas with a glass measuring cup, pouring gas through a big yellow funnel, wiping up with filter paper, and carefully capping the cans and stowing them secretively in the RV, has raised several pairs of eyebrows.

If anyone asks, I’ll say my name is Abdullah and this is for my initiation.




1. Brenda Love - August 8, 2009

Okay, I LEARNED something from this post. No one can ever accuse you of being a frivolous blogger.

2. Brenda Love - August 8, 2009

Also, Greg, I am hoping things will happen for you soon as far as a new contract.

gregquill - August 9, 2009

Thanks, Brenda. It’s great to have friends to support me!

3. gregquill - August 9, 2009

Thanks, Sandy and Brenda. I hope that, after the explosion and fire, the plastic surgeons give me a happier looking mug than what it is now.

(I’m typing this in the parked truck with A/C on. Lacy loves to put her dear head on the keyboard, to rest. So the miscellaneous characters you see are from her. *sigh* love that doggie!)

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