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Here We Go Again! July 28, 2009

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The contract to check out, start up and validate pharmaceutical equipment in Wisconsin is completed for the time being.

The construction on the owner’s new three story building fell behind – to the chagrin of his major customer – and so the installation of the new equipment was significantly delayed. That meant that we couldn’t do our work, so it’s time to move on.

Wow! Two cancelled contracts in the same recession!

I have a good prospect out in southern New York state, so Lacy and I have left Wisconsin. I am planning to mosey out East, in a rambling fashion, to see some of the country while minimizing expenses.


I joined a group called Passport America. It’s a membership including select RV campgrounds, which offers 50% off the nightly stay rate. Some of the places are well off the beaten path, as is my first one, where we are now, in Connorsville, Indiana. We’re about 40 miles southeast of Indianapolis, in a very nice campground at $12 per night instead of $24. Now, many times, I’ll pull over and sleep at an interstate rest stop – in the truck, not in the trailer, since no state allows “camping” in the rest areas. And that’s free. But security is better in a RV campground, and ones like this offer electricity, water and sewer connections included in the price, plus a coin laundry (in which I did two weeks washing this morning!). So it’s money well spent, say two or three days a week. Now, there are sometimes some restrictions. This one in Connorsville limits the Passport America stay to two days, and only Monday through Thursday. I like it after my first night. We will leave tomorrow.

A great friend of mine from high school lives about 25 miles away, in Batesville, and I hope to get together with him and his wife, perhaps tomorrow. He is an attorney, and a MD (anesthesiology and emergency medicine), working now in areas improving children’s healthcare in the southern Indiana, western Ohio area. I told him today that I call that “giving back” – he is taking the blessings God gave him, and using them to keep small children’s clinics and medical practices from going out of business. The net effect is that many more sources of good health care are kept available to kids where they live. And that’s gotta be “pleasing in the sight of the Lord”. I am very proud to know Mark, and Molly.

So, stay tuned for our continued travels!




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