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NASA Does It Again July 23, 2009

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This is becoming a continuing saga.

In 1969, the TV images of the action on the moon of the Apollo 11 crew were beamed from the moon to a receiving station in Australia. The very clear pictures were video taped in Australia, then piped to a TV set where a live TV camera caught the image and beamed it to a satellite, for broadcast to the world. It was received in the U.S. and transfered to network feeds. The images we saw (I was in a small town called Twin Lakes, WI) were ghostly, grainy and much degraded; these were taped and preserved. Now, NASA (Not Actually Smart Anymore) has hired a Hollywood company to improve these faulty images.

(Don't adjust your PC.  It won't help.)

(Don't adjust your PC. It won't help.)


Because NASA has lost the original 3/4″ wide videotapes beamed down to Australia – the crisp, clear ones, which should have been copied and preserved in, oh, say, 1969.

In this age of rampant unemployment, why, oh why, do we keep giving paychecks to these people?!




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