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Michael Jackson – RIP NTS (None too soon) June 27, 2009

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Michael Jackson Transformation

My tribute.

Actually, the world seems a little … CLEANER today!

As a tribute, smile at a kid today. He or she is safer now.




1. Greg Finnegan - July 2, 2009


Those are nice thoughts about your uncle. I have huge admiration for men who can seal themselves up in a big pipe, to fight the enemy and perhaps to die. He is a hero.

As to pedophilia, I am afraid that logic and intelligence can only go so far against the ultimate evil of abusing children. The innocence of the victims to me magnifies the heinousness. It is humbling to realize that God can still forgive them for this abomination while I cannot; He is so great and I am so small.

And those who make excuses for it are enablers to me. Find a way to excuse Bernie Maddoff, if you must, or the Son of Sam; but leave these animals out in the light, unprotected, to be seen for what they are.

Now I’m gonna go find something to laugh about!


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