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Take This Here Cheeseburger ‘Fore I Whoops Ya April 23, 2009

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Mrs. Fran MacLaren of Cheatham County, TN, said she was beaten by a homeless man after she gave him a cheeseburger outside a McDonalds. She is suing the homeless guy and, since he probably doesn’t have any money, both the McDonalds and the liquor store where he got juiced up for $2 million in damages.

MacLaren gave David Craig, homeless, the cheeseburger as he was lying down in a parking spot outside the restaurant. Craig shouted he didn’t want the burger, just money and threw the burger at MacLaren, she testified. “I told him he was an ungrateful bastard,” she testified.

Craig went after her, she said. He struck her repeatedly, broke her nose, fractured her wrist, cheekbone and cracked a rib, she said. She also injured her knee.

She apparently didn’t repeat the “bastard” thing at this point.

MacLaren limped into the McDonald’s but was later locked out of the restaurant, probably because she became so vocal, violent and anti-social.

According to the suit MacLaren says that the McDonald’s and the liquor store “knew, or should have known, that their mode of operating their particular stores attracted persons prone to criminal acts and provided an environment to crime.”

Yep. Probably why SHE went there to begin with. To torment the homeless.

The McDonalds people, and the guy from the liquor store, weren’t available for comment. They were probably at the hardware store buying ax handles and baseball bats to pay a visit on MacLaren. If I had time to go to Tennessee, I might join them.




1. brenda love - April 23, 2009

McDonald’s is now in the process of creating the McCrackburger, aimed specifically to appeal to the ungrateful homeless bastard demographic.

2. gregquill - April 23, 2009

Boy, now there’s a drive-thru special! Maybe they’ll bring back the 12 ounce tumbler glass promotion, too.

3. Nancy - April 25, 2009

Wow the homeless are getting vicious, I don’t blame the guy though I’d rather starve than have to eat a MacDonald’s cheeseburger.

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