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Happy Earth (Cough-cough) Day April 22, 2009

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How nice!

Pres. Obama flies on the 832,024 pound Air Force One plane with four General Electric CF6-80C2B1 turbofan jet engines. This monster jet plane flew one passenger from Washington to Iowa and back today, blanketing the flight path going and coming with NOx emissions far beyond what 100 SUV’s could produce. The purpose? To celebrate Earth Day, of course!


A phone call wouldn’t have worked?

Remember the flack the heads of the auto companies took for flying corporate jets to testify at Congress? Each brought 12-15 staffers and horse holders. Obama’s boondoggle could have flown 100 of them from Detroit to Washington twice, roundtrip, for the same pollution as his one day trip. And their trips were, like, under subpoena, so necessary, I guess.

If the president’s office had a vase of cut flowers on the plane, they’d be okay, because the engine exhaust is BEHIND them. Everybody else, get an oxygen tank.

Oh, and they used Saudi Arabian, OPEC and Venezuelan crude to make the kerosene to fly the Boon Doggle 1. Which you and I paid for.

How about Segway 1?


Yes, a great Earth Day!




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