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Lesson Not Learned March 3, 2009

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In retrospect, we wish that something had been done much earlier to stop the American Catholic Church’s Priest sex abuse epidemic. So many good people were needlessly hurt. We lamented, “If only the Catholic Bishops of the U.S. had taken action.” And then we moved on with our lives.

It’s happening again. Oh why, we cry, do we continue to tolerate Catholic politicians in the U.S. who promote abortion? It’s a long list: Former straight Governor McGreevey; Speaker Nancy Pelosi; John Kerry;
Ted Kennedy; Caroline Kennedy; Rudy Giuliani; Mario Cuomo; Kathleen Sebelius; Joe Biden.


There is a growing surge of voices calling for excommunication. The American Catholic bishops asking them – asking them – not to receive Holy Communion apparently isn’t working.

The local Catholic church here in Lincoln NE sponsors continuous adoration of the Eucharist, first before Christmas (Advent) and now during Lent. I have just finished my second 2am to 3am prayer hour with a Pro-Life theme. This is a silent, personal devotion. No speeches, no propaganda, no literature. Just me and my rosary and my conscience. The Pastor gave me the code to the electronic door lock, and I let myself in and out, and I sign the book.

I am not endorsing Donohue’s Catholic League – a rogue outfit – nor am I trying to play father confessor to public figures in a difficult spot. I ask them to look Our Lord in the eye and to explain, as Sebelius attempted to, how she is personally in favor of the Church’s ban on abortion while she is politically in favor of promoting a woman’s right to choose.

Do those politicians have a right to their opinion, and a right to express it? Of course they do, in this counry. I spent years in our military service protecting those rights. Do they have a right to enjoy a reputation as a devout, law abiding, morally righteous Catholic while treating the religion as a cafeteria, where they can pick and choose what doctrines to agree with? No, they don’t.

And now I join the voices calling for excommunication. Before the second American Catholic church scandal of this age gets out of hand. The American Catholic Bishops need to announce that Catholic politicians who remain pro-abortion have cut themselves off from communion with the Church – have excommunicated themselves. Impose it by their own local Bishop, and file it in the Vatican. With a copy to CNN.

Maybe publicity can be a disinfectant.



1. gregquill - March 4, 2009

Thank you, Sandy. Your comments – again – illuminate the essence, dispersing the darkness and making the issue clear. You must be a good Mom!

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