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It Happened Again December 14, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

So I made an appointment with a specialist in Omaha to look at a painful and growing abcess on my backside. It started on a Saturday, and there I was in the doctor’s office on Thursday morning. “I’ll look at it, probably lance it, drain it, and you’ll be on your way,” he said. “So let’s look at it.”

When he did, he said “Oh, no.” Surgeons never say that out loud.

So, I was in the O.R. at 6:00 pm Thursday evening, in the recovery room at 6:30, and Lacy spent the night alone in the trailer as I spent it in the hospital. Draining.

While I am much relieved of the pain, and the infection, I think I will stop carrying the medical insurance card around with me. It just makes it much too easy for these guys.



1. Stew - December 14, 2008

Most girls, when looking at my backside will say, “Oh no”. I can’t imagine having a guy do it. Even if he is a doctor.

Hope you recover soon.

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