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A Good Appointment December 7, 2008

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Obama has nominated retired Army General Eric Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. That’s one of the largest cabinet level departments. In fact, there are only three larger departments.*

Shinseki is a 1965 graduate of the Military Academy (four years sooner than I at Annapolis) who attained four stars and became Chief of Staff of the Army – the head man, the big cheese, the big Mahoff, the… well, you get the idea.

He disagreed vocally with Don Rumsfeld who played Edgar Bergan to Paul Wolfowitz’s Charlie McCarthy. The Don and Paul show said six, maybe eight soldiers could topple Hussein; Shinseki, and later Colin Powell and Paul Abizad said a few hundred thousand more likely, which proved to be right. So, Donnie fired Shinseki before Bush got around to firing Rumsfeld. And before Wolfie self destructed at the world bank.

On his own merits, though, I admire Shinseki. He will be a remarkably talented Secretary.

*Department of Defense, Department of Health & Human Services, and Department of Agricultuer.



1. brenda love - December 11, 2008

He seems very no nonsense!

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