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Heart Bypass Surgery? Ppppshaw! November 12, 2008

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Yesterday, I got the latest thing to fight a blocked artery:  a stent.

It’s now 1:20 Wednesday. The “procedure” went very well Tuesday afternoon – I was awake, watching the stent go in on the TV monitors. They inserted a tube (catheter) into the artery in my right wrist, and up into the blocked artery on the heart.  While I was awake, I was sedated so I didn’t feel it.  At the blockage, they inflated a small balloon to push the plaque out of the way, and a stent – a hollow metal tube with open sides – into the blocked area.  They expanded the stent, and left it there.

Now, fresh oxygenated blood is flowing where it hasn’t for years.  They said I can expect to feel much better in the coming weeks and months.

They kept me overnight in the hospital, and I checked out at 9:15 this morning.

Then I picked up Lacy at her sleep-over at the boarding kennel after her outdoor playtime with the other dogs, and her bath, and we are now finishing off a Domino’s pizza.

Beats the dickens out of a bypass!

P.S. If you think Heaven has been slow lately answering your prayers, please try again. I’ve had the circuits tied up for a couple of days!



1. Brenda Love - November 12, 2008

So glad to have you back, good as new!

2. Ron - November 15, 2008

Glad you are out and eating pizza again.

3. Bob - January 24, 2009

So, have you found a new fountain of youth and a new source of untapped energy?

Sorry for being so late on this…just now trying to catch up on the doings of Quill.

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