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Perspective from High School November 8, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Let’s re-think the Republican debacle of ’08.

The party leaders are not all dolts. There are clever, smart guys in the Republican hierarchy. Not necessarily the ones they allow to go on TV, or to run as candidates.

Given the disaster of Bush II, and knowing that history is against your running anyone as a Republican who could possibly overcome that record of failure, how can you best stay involved without committing the entire future talent pool, intellectual capital and the complete war chest in a losing campaign?

You would do what successful high school football coaches do two games before homecoming, with a bad record:

Yes. Send in the second team.

Looks like that’s what they did. Second stringers. Including the aides.

So we shouldn’t be too hard on McPalin. They did their job.

But… Maybe it’s time to fire the coach. And why did they let George get so, so far out of line? There is a subject for a couple of books.



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