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Arrogans, Arrogantis October 28, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

It is not so sad that a dedicated public servant like Senator Ted Stevens has been so poorly served that someone let him get into compromising situations where it could appear that he took illegal money gifts.

What is sad is that Stevens and (forgive an overgeneralization) other professional pols assume BEFORE the fact that they WILL get away with ANYTHING, because everyone just loves them and respects them and adores them, and besides he has done SO MUCH for Alaska or (fill in the name of the ‘burb) that he DESERVES it.

Yeah. He deserves it.

And these are people who write our laws, who influence our friends and allies and our opponents around the world, who nominally represent us without supervision.

Now give him what he deserves. Now put him in the slammer for the full sentence. Not for a shortened one, because he’s old. Because he’s old, he knew better.



1. Brenda Love - October 28, 2008

When are these people going to stop accepting gifts?? Pay them $5, but don’t take nuttin’ for free!

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