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Let Sarah Be Sarah October 22, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

All of the news bogles are reporting that Sarah Palin charged the State of Alaska for her childrens’ travel to events requiring the Governor’s presence, including New York City in 2007.  And she’s charging the RNC for their travel for the Presidential campaign.

And, over $150,000 in her clothing and clothes for her family has been paid for by the RNC.  Her clothes may be donated to charity after the campaign.

And I say, so what?  This just shows the smallness of the critics, and, more germane, the desperation of newsies for any story.

This just in from that paradigm of pusillanimosity, Campbell Brown:  the government pays up to $50,000 for oil paintings of the departing President; and it also pays for similar portraits for cabinet officers at the end of their terms.

I say, good.  Otherwise, all that history will have to go on are the mediocre, aging video tapes from CNN documenting these rogue galleries.  Oh, and they were mediocre when they were shot, by the way.  With a meaningless voice over by… well, Campbell Brown, among others.  So, lighten up.  Let’s paint the portraits, and let’s leave the Palins alone.  They have a hard enough job, after all.

Will Campbell also complain about Obama taking two days off in Hawaii to see his sick grandmother?



1. Brenda Love - October 22, 2008

do you suppose she will have to donate her used underwear, also?

The woman is a fruit loop. Its scary how close a person like this is to THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

2. gregquill - October 24, 2008

No, Brenda, I think that Stew and I will chip in and buy it. You know, for Dress Up Night.

A Fruit Loop? Sure; but a HOT Fruit Loop! I’m trying to connect this to “Crazy for CocoPuffs”, but it’s not workin’. You betcha.

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