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Maybe It’s Just This Simple July 17, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Watching one of our national leaders on TV the other night, I said “This guy is really simple.” Then, it struck me that maybe this gas thing is also pretty simple.

We have this strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) (plus the Naval peroleum reserve, and the home heating oil reserve). The petroleum reserve is 707 million barrels of crude oil in the ground.

We are debating opening up the coastal areas for more oil drilling. The tree huggers say throw away the cars; don’t drill, because the seashore is pretty. Yeah, right. Let them go live at Al Gore’s house in his extravagant air conditioning to get colds.

But, the pres says that that won’t help much, because it will take ten years to turn newly explored and pumped coastal oil into gasoline. Nonsense. He’s just trying to boost up his Houston, Texas, oil speculator friends so that they pay for his drinks at the club next year.

It won’t take long at all to pull some oil out of the SPR, refine it, and sell it as gas and diesel to Americans. Or, sell it at $1.00 a gallon on the world market and watch the Saudis and Chavez and the other OPECers wet their pants! So, take a few hundred million barrels, and write an IOU to put it back in five years when new coastal oil is brought up from new wells. The Navy is so small now that a few cans of 10W40 ought to do it for them. The big Navy ships are nukes anyway.

What that requires is that we restrain the pres from unilaterally starting any more wars, so we don’t need the SPR for another Desert Fiasco. And shut down Iraq and let Malaki put his money where his mouth is. Oh, by the way: where are we getting the oil, gas and diesel to fuel our Iraqi and Afghani U.S. troops? Seems like we ought to be getting it free fom Baghdad and Kabul. I’ll bet we are buying it at top dollar, paying to have it refined, and shipping it all the way over there. In non-U.S. ships, I’ll bet!

But, we oughta stay in Afghanistan long enough to collapse Osama’s cave down around his ears. If Pakistan tries to keep us out, well we have enough nukes to send Pakistan back to the stone age, too.



1. rawdawgbuffalo - July 17, 2008

the taliban will be in kabul b4 december

2. Stew - July 18, 2008

The gas thing is simple. Politicians want the populace to be poor. For Republicans it helps “the cream rise” and for Demorats it provides a steady stream of votes.

The simple solution is to go electric/alchohol.

You’ll never see that though. There’s too much money to be made from the consumption of gas.

I think this stands a real good chance of backfiring on politicians though. They’re looking at Europe (you see the BMW add where they say, “where we’re from, gas has always been expensive”) but the US ain’t Europe. We have a (or maybe had is a better word) capitalist economy where filling a need makes one rich… We’ll see.

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