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The Great Bru-ha-ha June 26, 2008

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With a big flourish, the Supreme Court yesterday prohibited imposing the death penalty on child rapists. Only in cases of murder, treason and espionage, they said.

States Attorneys General and Governors of six states vowed to keep writing laws permitting the practice. They said that their constitutents demand – “Ah say, DE-MAND it!!” – that the death penalty remain on the books for severe child abuse including rape.

No doubt, these perps are the lowest of the low, and the least deserving of mercy. But I’m told that most child rapes are committed by family members: cousins, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, step-fathers, etc.  I’m concerned that the victims and their families will refuse to cooperate if they know that they will be responsible for sending a relative to the death house.

At the moment, nationwide, two – count ’em, two – men are on death row – both in Louisana – for child rape. That seems like a pretty small population for everyone to get their tu-tu’s tied in a bunch. That’s like ruling that wild pandas in Maine can eat all the bamboo they want – despite the fact that Maine has no pandas, and no bamboo.

I also think that “life” on death row is pretty grim. Death is an unearned release from severe boredom, total isolation and misery, and from prison life, for these cretins, I think.  They will suffer more in prison, if that’s the goal.



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