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Here We Go Again June 26, 2008

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Father Pfleger in Chicago criticized Hillary Clinton from the pulpit as thinking she had a “white right” to the presidency. The Archbishop of Chicago silenced him for ten days.

This guy has been in and out of trouble with the Church for twenty or thirty years. Pfleger now says he knows that he has to be more careful about what he says from the pulpit.

“You know, I was at a church family that I’ve spoken to many times, that I know well, and I think when you’re around family, you’re looser, you’re friendlier,” he said. “And, um, do you get carried away? Do you get more dramatic? Do you get caught up in the crowd when you’re around your friends and your family? Absolutely. And I acknowledge that, and I over-dramatize, and I get carried away, no question.”

Why did the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago let Pfleger off so lightly? Politics, probably. Just like he and his fellow church leaders ignored, covered up and apologised for the priest sex abuse scandals of the past years. Instead of standing up, firing bad people, and referring them to civil charges.

More Pflegers will come out of THEIR closet until bishops show some manhood, fire them and condemn them.



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