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Another One Heard From June 1, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Now that we have heard from a minister from Obama’s church (with an extended fifteen minutes of fame), now we will hear from another profession:

“(Obama’s) examination showed him to be in excellent health,” Dr. David L. Scheiner wrote. “Senator Barack Obama is in [the] overall good physical and mental health needed to maintain the resiliency required in the office of president.”

Well now, that prompts us to ask what particular physical and mental health status does Doc Sheiner see as necessary in the President? I mean, apparently the doc has taken some special training in this field, following graduation from Columbia U. with a degree in internal medicine 45 years ago.

Let’s see, that’s about the time of JFK’s assassination. Hillary already showed us how hazardous it is to open that subject for JFK or RFK fans, so let’s move on.

Perhaps the president should be willing to have his (or her) tongue slit, so that speaking with a forked tongue comes easier. Unless that is a pre-existing condition as a result of his or her campaign. Extra digestive juices to handle tons of jelly beans and the usual undigestible drivel spewing from the Pentagon should be required. I think that an important trait of a would-be President is a willingness to take his medicine – from the doctor, from the dentist, or from the Congress, as applicable.

And I think a potential President must pick as his doctor a general internist from some backwater who, while never having actually met a President or a doctor of a President, still waxes eloquent about what he THINKS is important.

That certainly puts him on a par with potential cabinet officers.




1. gregquill - June 1, 2008

Sandy, Excellent – as I have come to expect! Validate the bubble charts, too, with one former President, one current banker, one current general, and one inhabitant of death row, I think. Note: four separate validators; not just one multi-talented one.

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