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Fifteen Minutes May 29, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

It’s funny what a pending book you wrote or had someone write for you does to some people, particularly people who seem to have no morality to speak of, no moral compass, and a willingness to sell their lies (or their truth about previous lies, or vice versa) for any price.

In his book, Scott McClellan says the likely verdict of history would be that “the decision to invade Iraq was a serious strategic blunder”, adding: “War should only be waged when necessary, and the Iraq war was not necessary.” Here is a guy who has managed to avoid any involvement with war, in his reading, in his education, in his service to the country. Heck, I don’t think he even plays World of War Craft on the internet. Yet, as a former White House mouthpiece who then was in his thirties, he is now some kind of strategic expert and the Sun-Tzu of when war is necessary. It proves that he was selected carefully for his White House jobs, as were all the rest: As a liar, he fits right in with Ari, Rove, Rumsfeld and all of them. Because he was at least lying then, or now, or both.

62-year-old Idaho Senator Larry Craig says a new book he is writing will focus on energy policy, the state of politics today, his political career, and, oh yes, the turmoil of 2007 after his arrest in an airport sex sting. Thus, he somehow becomes an expert on energy, politics, and his path to “success” by soliciting homosexual sex in a Minneapolis airport.

If a person is a moral zero, how can he also be judged an idiot? See if he writes a book about it, and then tags on his other agenda items.



1. gregquill - May 31, 2008

Sandy, I am sure that the good nuns will not allow you to twist slowly, slowly in the wind…!

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