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BE PROUD You’re American; Don’t FLY American May 22, 2008

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American Airlines – the same ones who cancelled all of those flights without warning to comply with safety inspections going back over two years – decided that they have not angered their customers enough. Gerard Arpey, chairman and CEO, said the industry will not sit by hoping things will improve. They will charge for all checked baggage.

“The airline industry as it is constituted today was not built to withstand oil prices at $125 a barrel, and certainly not when record fuel expenses are coupled with a weak U.S. economy,” he said. Despite exorbitant ticket prices and ridiculous fees, and elimination of in-flight service and of course the arbitrary flight cancellations instead of doing inspections as required..

This means that Gerard was not loved as a child. In fact, if he had gone to my grammar school, my high school or my college, his name alone would have targeted him for daily use as a punching bag.

Gerard didn’t see enough negative feedback after cancelling more than 900 flights in one week without notice, so now it’s the extra $15 for the first checked bag. Imagine paying someone to lose your luggage!

Hasty Ruminations has learned that American may also make these further charges until they reach a satisfying CAF (Customer Anger Factor):

1. Divide the overhead bins by seat numbers, and install the quarter/key locks like they have in train and bus stations. $3 for every hour of flight.
2. Restroom quarter meters to open the door. $2 in the first hours of flight; $5 in the last hour.
3. Window shades will be locked up at night, locked down during the day. $2 to unlock.
4. Trash collection $.50 per piece.
5. In flight arbitrator to settle disputes without calling in the airport cops: $500.

Hey, American: I USED to fly you, a lot. I still have Frequently Inconvenienced frequent flyer points. I seldom checked a bag in your RLLDS (Random Luggage Loss or Destruction System), so how about paying ME $15 for not checking a bag?!  THEN we will talk about your failure to do adequate security screening, which has resulted in a whole new goup of feds (TSA) taking away my Constitutional right to fly without everyone seeing the holes in my socks.



1. gregquill - May 25, 2008

Good idea, Sandy!

Did you used to work in corporate personnel somewhere? HR folks have minds that work just like that!

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