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Kentucky Derby and the Primaries May 3, 2008

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Big Brown won the derby; he was named in honor of certain mementoes from Lacy.  But, it was sad to see what happened to the filly Eight Belles after the Derby.  

Eight Belles had to be humanely destroyed on the track, after breaking both ankles in her front legs.  Jockey Gabriel Saez was pulling her up after passing the finish line.

Good thing they didn’t do that to Sara Tucholsky, the baseball player who couldn’t run to home plate after hurting her knee. (See “Sportsmanship”, below.)  Her folks would have been upset, I think.

Maybe euthanasia would be a good practice for those who come in second in the primaries, too.



1. Brenda Love - May 3, 2008

Right out there on the track? What do they do, give an injection?

Also this is probably the stupid question of the year, but why can’t a horse with a broken leg be saved?

2. gregquill - May 3, 2008

Brenda, I saw them do it once at the Meadowlands. They bring out a van, which has big white sheets hanging from a 6′ tall frame. They arrange these around the horse so no one can see in. Then, a bullet to the head. From Wikipedia: “A single bullet. Traditionally used for shooting horses. The horse is shot in the forehead, with the bullet directed down the spine through the medulla oblongata, resulting in instant death. The risks are minimal if carried out by skilled personnel in a suitable location.”

They use injections in barns to induce heart attacks, but not on the field; it’s not quick, and it’s not pretty.

They can’t save them, as they tried to do two years ago with Barbaro. The horses are just too heavy for those thin legs to begin with, and if one leg is broken, they shift their weight to the other front or back leg and overload it, so it breaks or gets infected.

I am disgusted, because (a) they breed the horses to have abnormally lightweight legs, which break easily, and (2) they force them into the highest purses at the age of 2 and 3, when the bones are not fully formed and calcium is not completely in place. My solution? If a horse must be shot (as Belle certainly needed to be, just to be humane) then the trainer and the jockey also get shot, at the same time. That might make them pay attention.

3. gregquill - May 3, 2008

P.S. By the way, that’s where the term “It’s curtains for you” came from. Really.

Read about thoroughbreds here.

4. gregquill - May 3, 2008

Oh, and as to Obama’s win in Guam, if he and Hillary end tied in the primaries, they will need TWO bullets, since both would be first… and second!

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