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Secretary Of Defense Is Lacking April 21, 2008

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the Air Force is not doing enough in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, complaining that some military leaders are “stuck in old ways of doing business.”

Gates spoke at the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., saying that getting the Air Force to send more surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to Iraq and Afghanistan has been “like pulling teeth.”

It seems that organizationally there are several people and officers between Gates and the Majors and Colonels at the war college. It seems to me that perhaps he should be telling this to the Secretary of the Air Force, the Chief of Staff, and about a ton of Generals beneath him. In fact, here is the org chart reporting to SECAF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Staff_(United_States).

AF COS, Gen T. Michael Moseley

Of course, when a dude like Gates goes public with criticism like this, it often means that he has not received a warm-and-fuzzy from his guys that they will do better. They may be giving him the single-finger salute. So, it may be time for the laser printers in the Pentagon to warm up for a mess of resumes.

And this from an organization which is currently complaining about old airplanes, low budgets, and no-one-loves-me-itis.




1. Greg Finnegan - April 21, 2008

Now, this is typical military thinking: Gates has a problem with the Air Force, he says, so:

“To push the issue harder, Gates said he established last week a Pentagon-wide task force “to work this problem in the weeks to come, to find more innovative and bold ways to help those whose lives are on the line.”

So he hammered the whole Pentagon with make-work… instead of the Air Force.

The best way we can punish Al-Qaeda, Moqtada el-Sadr and the Taliban, I think, would be to make them work in the Pentagon for a few months.

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