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Trouble in Bangkok April 20, 2008

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    Toxic snack

The Bangkok Post

By Rarinthorn Petcharoen

Nan – More than 140 people were rushed to local hospitals with food poisoning after eating fish balls apparently made from the puffer fish in Ban Luang district of this northern province on Friday.

The villagers ate the fish balls in a soup offered at the funeral of Kham Sudsom on Friday evening at a house belonging to Daoloy Mongkol in tambon Ban Fah.

After the funeral, guests started vomiting, their tongues felt numb, they had weak hands and legs and were suffering chest pains. They also experienced shortness of breath.

They were taken to Ban Luang district hospital which later referred some of the more seriously-ill patients to Nan provincial hospital.

The district hospital has a limited capacity to care for patients and soon many more people who were sick after eating the fish balls turned up for treatment, it was reported.

Pisit Sriprasert, of the Nan provincial health office, said all the patients admitted to local hospitals were guests at the funeral.

Ms Daoloy said she also ate the fish balls and came down with food poisoning.

Kamlai Konsoong, who helped prepare the food at the funeral, said the fish balls were bought at the Ban Pong fresh market in Chiang Muan district of neighbouring Phayao.

The vendor told her the fish balls were made from the popular pla krai fresh water fish and were bought from a supplier in Bangkok.

She said she bought 800 fish balls, samples of which have been sent to the provincial public health office for testing.

Dr Pisit said the patients’ symptoms suggested they had consumed puffer fish meat, which contains the potentially deadly poison tetrodotoxin, which attacks nerve cells.

The toxin cannot be dissolved by heat. Puffer fish meat is sometimes used illegally to produce fish balls because it is cheaper than most other fish meat.

Niwatchai Sujitchan, the deputy director of Nan provincial hospital, said seven of those hospitalised were in serious condition and required aids to help them breathe.

He said they had eaten more than two milligrammes of the toxin, an amount which can be instantly fatal.

They are being kept under observation for the next 48 hours.

The funeral director was very sad. I think he should provide his services for free to anyone who doesn’t survive the snack.



1. Brenda Love - April 20, 2008

Maybe they should consider eating the less obscene parts of the fish. 😉

2. Greg Finnegan - April 21, 2008

My policy exactly: spay or neuter FIRST!

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