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It’s Getting Serious Now April 18, 2008

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Robert Reich was a Rhodes scholar with Bill Clinton, and went to Law School with both Bill and Hillary. Reich #1

He was Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, and he was militantly pro-labor and anti-management. For four noisy years. Reich #2

Today, he came out and endorsed — wait for it — Obama, not Hillary. Worse, he explained why* he though Obama was a better candidate.

Bill Clinton can be expected to go ballistic – again. It’s only a matter of time until Bill calls this the Third …

No, that goes too far.

* Here’s why, said Reich: “”I’ve known the Clintons for a very long time, and it seemed unnecessary and inappropriate to endorse Obama. But this past week has been a tipping point for me.” Cites the negativity of Clinton campaign ads and seizing on ‘bitter.’ The negative ads coming out of the Clinton camp were just appalling at a time when our nation is facing such huge challenges.

“To focus on whether Obama should have used the word ‘bitter’ when he talked about the plight of many in Pennsylvania and to resurrect the old Republicans themes of guns and religion and to call Obama elistist, quote-unquote, just put me over the edge. I could no longer sit back and be silent. I had to say what I believed.”



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