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Definition of Oxymoron: Arkansas + Tech April 18, 2008

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“First, Arkansas Tech University canceled outright its production of the Stephen Sondheim play Assassins which contains some violence because of “recent tragic events” on campuses. The University then relented because of the hard work that the students had already put in.

“In February, the production was staged in full, once, to an audience solely of participants’ families, who presumably could handle the violence. However, that showing was performed without the play’s prescribed guns, although they were only wooden props. (The “guns” were later discarded, after being sawed in half.)”

[The Courier (Russellville, Ark.), 2-21-08]

I wonder what they will put on next year. In Romeo & Juliet, The Bard kills off six: Romeo, Paris, Lady Montague, Juliet, Tybalt, and Mercutio. In Assassins, as I recall, no one dies.

For a thoughtful critique of the university’s decision, please see: this article.



1. gregquill - April 18, 2008

“March 10, 2008

“We reported a few weeks ago that Arkansas Tech cancelled a student production of Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins in the wake of the shootings at Northern Illinois University. Thankfully, the university has announced that the production will be allowed to proceed after all and will take place this coming weekend. The university’s spin on the incident, however, is that they did nothing wrong by postponing the show in the first place.”

2. gregquill - April 18, 2008

Sandy, I liked your Beaver story very much, and I learned a lot from it!

This is from Wikipedia, showing how much our neighbors to the North appreciate the Beaver: “The importance of the American Beaver in the development of Canada through the fur trade led to its designation as the national animal. It is depicted on the Canadian five-cent piece and was on the first postage stamp issued in the Canadian colonies in 1849 (the so-called “Three-Penny Beaver”). As a national symbol, the beaver was chosen to be the mascot of the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal with the name “Amik” (“beaver” in Algonquin). The beaver is also the symbol of many units and organizations within the Canadian Forces, such as on the cap badges of the Royal 22e RĂ©giment and the Canadian Military Engineers.”

I would probably have said “North American Beaver”, to differentiate it from its European cousin.

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