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Political Campaign Rules April 2, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Yes, we shouldn’t need to have rules for political campaigns.

In the past, behavior during the campaign was self policing – it was considered on voting day. People who behaved badly (like Howard Dean, Richard Nixon in 1960, and Al Gore’s group leaking the news about George W. Bush’s 1976 DUI in Maine) lost elections.

Now Chelsea Clinton has been asked twice about the disgrace of Monica Lewinsky caused by her disbarred father, the Perp-in-Chief.

My readers know that I have little truck with the Clintons, little with Bush, and I am no fan of either Obama or McCain. But this strikes me as unfair, impolite and, yes, unchivalrous. Chelsea’s defense – “It’s none of your business” – is wrong.  Bill is a public figure, and his lying IS our business.  But it’s wrong to ask the child of the philanderer.  Even asking Hillary should be off limits, because it merely highlights the questioner at the pain of the questioned.

However, since Bill is on the campaign trail, since he was supposed to be the adult in the Monica situation, and since he defiled not only her dress but the carpet in OUR White House, he should be asked the questions over and over again. Until his nose bleeds, if necessary.

But first, get him to swear to tell the truth.


If he just gets apoplectic (as he is now wont to do), then I’m sure someone can be found to pay Monica’s expenses so SHE can jump on the campaign trail and answer the questions herself.



1. gregquill - April 2, 2008

Right after I posted this, I read some more sleeze. The second husband of a U.S. Senator from Michigan, Debbie Stabenow, has admitted to being caught by police after paying a prostitute a small amount for sex.

It is a sad, sad story; and it damages a woman and a family dedicated to public service from a pretty down trodden state. Read her biography here: http://stabenow.senate.gov/biography.htm

She is not some Teddy Kennedy, rolling in dough and with the morals of a ‘possum.

I wonder why it is necessary to publish this stuff. What good does it do?

And it’s my own fault: why did I read it?!

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