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Uh-Oh March 6, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Lacy, my delightful 8-year-old labrador retriever, loves to ride in the truck. I almost always walk her with a harness and a rope, rather than a collar, to avoid hurting her neck. The harness is particularly handy when I strap her into the passenger side seat with the seat belt. It keeps her out of my lap as I drive.

A good thing.


Once, in California, I found myself with a coffee cup in one hand and a roll in the other as we scooted down a freeway. We came upon an idyllic farm scene (is there any other kind?), with lowing cattle and prancing horses.

Next to riding in the front seat, Lacy’s favorite is large, four-legged animals of the equine or bovine persuasion. She is somehow convinced that they are her bigger brothers and sisters; and that she is bound to be that big someday herself, when she can teach ME a lesson for a change!

She usually heralds their appearance with her Ol’ Yeller imitation: jumping, barking, frothing, wagging like a Maytag, whining and repeat the sequence. Even the harness doesn’t fully contain such canine enthusiasm, for she will stretch it as far as possible to get onto my lap and try to find out why I am ignoring such a glorious, and surely such a rare, sight.

Anticipating her imminent reaction while both hands were engaged in other than steering, when I spied the horses and the cows, I uttered the only sounds available to me: “Uh-oh!” This was a new sentence to Lacy, and you could see her mind trying to wrap around the concept of uh-oh, to put it into some context, and to try to understand it. Instantly, she saw the critters in the field, and nature took its course. I put the food down, grabbed the wheel with my left hand and Lacy (who was going ’round the bend) with my right, and avoided our becoming a statistic.

Now, of course, if I want to trigger the crazy dog syndrome, all I need to say is “Uh-oh”. She goes nuts first, while looking for animals as time permits.



1. brenda - March 9, 2008

You need to get a bumper sticker for the Big Ride.

“I brake for dogs having nervous happiness breakdowns”

2. gregquill - March 11, 2008

Lacy is such a good friend that I may rent a cow for her on Saturday.

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