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Super Tuesday 2? More Like “Survivor”… March 4, 2008

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Sometimes I need to remind myself that being opposed to one candidate does not mean I favor her the opponent.

So he is in trouble for a Chicago racketeer, for not really meaning it about Nafta, and for calling President Bill at 3:00 am, when everyone KNOWS he wouldn’t be home at that hour!

So what?

If he doesn’t win… well, his winning wasn’t necessarily the idea, was it?   

And what about this religious bigot Hagee endorsing McCain?

Finally, why does the guy from Arkansas who won’t go home remind me of a Hannah-Barbera cartoon about a blue dog trying to find a job, from 1958 to, well, now?  “And stuff like that there…”



1. gregquill - March 4, 2008

SANDY: PLEASE READ “NEAR MISS…”!! < – – – – – – –

Oh, and I can’t post on your blog anymore (firewall thingy), so my 2 cents on Andrew Ng: I don’t think I’d trust him with a dog. What I’d give him is a xerox machine in a busy office; and I would make him maintain it, care for it, repair it, and grieve over it as we all do all the time. At his own expense. The experience will surely cure his robotaphilia.

– Greg

2. gregquill - March 4, 2008
3. gregquill - March 4, 2008

Sandy, I’m afraid Joe Lieberman comes under the same heading as Lowell Wicker and Ella Grasso: It’s a Connecticut problem! (Just kidding…)

4. gregquill - March 4, 2008

Sandy, I didn’t see your comment on the post about “Near Miss”, and I’m surprised, since it is about you and your family!

5. gregquill - March 4, 2008

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