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Near Miss … Well, Maybe Not So Near February 27, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

I just read that one person was shot during a bank robbery today in Waterbury, CT.

I jolted; I have a good friend in Waterbury, I thought. Or Woodbury. Or Salisbury. Or…

Look it up.

(*Phew*)   It’s Woodbury, and Sandy and Adella and husband are certainly ok.

I have been unable to answer an email from Sandy, inviting me to comment on her daughter’s Girl Scout story, since my home PC is dead and I can’t send emails. And I received it at an Internet Cafe after the deadline, and I can’t tell her how badly I blew it!

Wait a minute.

I think I just did.

(*Phew* again)



1. gregquill - March 10, 2008

WOW! You were a lot closer to this shooting than I had thought! I’m glad that you have good “situational awareness”; and that you have students with good street smarts!

Sorry about the flu, too. Winter is just no fun sometimes.

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