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Current Events February 20, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Obama has won 10 primaries in a row.

Hillary keeps saying she has a lot of experience in government, in foreign affairs, in the economy and in health care, but the Democrats are voting with their feet.  I guess they figure that living in the White House isn’t quite the experience the job needs.

 “Whadda you mean, ‘Monica’s on the phone’?!  Monica who?”

How is Obama pulling it off? It’s a mystery. Except that it all started after Bill Clinton started attacking Obama. “Fairy tale.” I look for Obama to bait Bill some more before Ohio and Texas, just so he can get attacked some more and wrap up the nomination.


I worked for a young Navy Commander years ago on a newly commissioned Navy destroyer. He got promoted later to Captain and to Rear Admiral. He was then appointed by Admiral Crowe to investigate the USS Vincennes for its shooting down of an Iranian airbus over the Strait of Hormuz in 1988. 290 civilians died. To no one’s surprise, he exonerated the skipper of the Vincennes, who used the Aegis missile system, in a questionable investigation. It was a coincidence, he said, that a civilian airliner was taking off just as bad guys were flying jets toward the Vincennes in the same area.

With this in mind, let’s consider that the Navy has been named to shoot down the spy satellite that never worked right, and is carrying dangerous rocket fuel. It is a coincidence that the space shuttle Atlantis will be trying to land at the same time. Both the satellite and the space shuttle return to earth over the Pacific Ocean, both headed west to east. The Navy is again using the Aegis weapons system to try to pick out the satellite, not the shuttle. No confusion this time, right guys? Oh, and the Navy has designated THREE OTHER MISSILE SHIPS as back-ups to the USS LAKE ERIE, in case the first ship misses.

I used to command a ship in the Navy. Today, I’m glad that I don’t anymore.

What happened to the Air Force? Shouldn’t Space Command get involved here somewhere? If the Martians attack (again?), are we really gonna call in the Navy?! The Air Force claims that their planes are all old and ratty now, and without $100 billion over five years, they’re gonna have to resort to bake sales to keep flying. Maybe they should have been the low bidder on
this job.



1. gregquill - February 20, 2008

Isn’t THAT the truth?! I just heard on the radio that the space shuttle landed in Florida before lunch. HEY, NASA: I’M IN FLORIDA! Gimmee a heads up next time!

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